We often live only in our heads and think too much.

Stomping brings attention down into the pelvis, legs, feet, connecting us to the earth, bringing us more into the body and strengthening our presence. This gives us more stability.
Let yourself stomp with small steps, like a locomotive driving through space. Vigorously stomp your heels into the ground. Wooden floors are very suitable, as they also give the greatest noise effect. Allow sounds.

It’s good to feel again that we have legs 😃. In winter also very suitable when we tend to shiver. But now it’s summer and it’s still good to get out of my head.

Stamp yourself free. Have fun with it! 🙏

Exercise according to Moti Theresia König – Zapchen Somatics Master Teacher
Source: Embodying well-being, Julie Henderson, AJZ Druck&Verlag (Translation: Inge Bergmann, Annamaria Ladik, Andrea Muche)