Seminars that help you to be yourself again.

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I would be happy to accompany you in your personal transformation!

My seminars support you in bringing more peace, serenity and healthy time-out into your life through pause and meditation.

This helps you to feel yourself more and to perceive your own needs better. This creates a kindness to yourself. In the different thematic orientations of the seminars, the essence is to rediscover your inner stillness and to rest with clarity and alertness in your own inner home. From this space, action and activity take place in harmony with the flow of life. Love and compassion can be an everyday condition. I am happy to support the global energy field of presence, compassion and clarity with you. May awakeness expand for the benefit of all beings and for the healing of Mother Earth.


Moti helps in this seminar in an impressive way to become aware of the transience to live the life that really wants to be lived. Im now. For me, it feels like a birthing into my life. Thanks for this!

N. to the seminar “Learning to die, living love” (2022)

I managed (…) to raise my life to a new level, to stand by myself and take steps I was afraid of before. (…) Here you have the opportunity to make a quantum leap in your transformation processes within a short time (…).

D. to the seminar “Inner Child” (2022)

For me, participation means wonderful, continuous development. When I look back, I notice that many old habits and behaviors have actually dissolved (…). That means more freedom for me. I feel lighter, more relaxed, more connected and more loving.

P. über Click & Meet (2022)

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The seminars are a journey to yourself and your potential through healing trauma and learning inner yoga and meditation in a fun, humorous and deep-diving environment.


There are many trainings in the world. To be trained in it, to train one’s compassion, love and clear attention, however, is not.


Take time to have time. Take time to step back from the hamster wheel and immerse yourself in inner yoga and getting in touch with your own being.


Everyday life has many challenges, but we don’t have to face them all alone. Sometimes an objective view from the outside can sharpen the eye for the essentials. I want to support you in facing these challenges and learning from them on the path to wakefulness.

Zapchen Somatics

Zapchen Somatics was created by combining elements of Western psycho- and body-therapy methods and neurobiological knowledge with methods from Tibetan Buddhism. Zapchen Somatics supports you in bringing joy and well-being into focus, and in moving negative states or moods away from you.

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