The Dakini Tantra Training
“follow up” / Deep Diver

Being together, common practice,
Deep diving, celebration

Tantra is the royal road to a fulfilled life

These 9 days are a very special experience in practicing Dakini Tantra with people who have been walking the Dakini Tantra path with me for a long time.

Various methods and tantric teachings that I teach in Dakini Tantra will be deepened and complemented.

The connection of the three main chakras (pelvis-heart-mind) has been lost during our early physical and energetic development, the separation has become normality. To reclaim that connection holds a great treasure that was never really lost.

Connecting BodySelf with SpaceSelf, re-inhabiting yourself as who you really are, with all your presence. Being present with all senses.

When pelvis-heart-mind is in harmony you feel what it means to experience power and protection, love and generosity, wisdom and intelligence as one and to put all this into action. With feet on the ground, arms pointing to the sky and heart in the right place.

The “Deep Diver” days are for you if you have completed the full Dakini Tantra Training or the Continuum and are in regular contact with my work.

Are you ready to go deeper? To look at yourself and accept yourself with your own strengths and weaknesses in self-love? Do you want to experience more deeply and also anchor it in yourself that happiness is to be found within yourself instead of outside? Even if you’ve been on the path for a while, you like to settle into newly formed habits and pseudo-certainties. Are you willing to take the risk of letting go of habits and certainties again and again?

Are you ready to really look inside, not hide from yourself, live your own life and go for what your heart burns for?

Are you ready to enter into an authentic, loving and mindful relationship with yourself and also with us?

Then you are very welcome. My humor, my lightness, my long experience and your openness and curiosity let us enter new spaces.

Participant comments

10 years ago I attended the first seminar with Moti Theresia König. Further seminars led me to the annual training and into the Dakini Tantra trainer training. Then to Menlha Touch (to date) and I look forward to what is to come.

Again and again I ask myself what would have become of my life if I had not met Moti and this great work that she practices and passes on to us?
Not to give the wrong impression, for me Moti’s seminars are not feel-good and cuddly seminars, although both are a part of it. I experience it as profound growth work that always throws me back to myself and illuminates those spaces I usually don’t like to look into. I mean not only the dark and unswept rooms but also those where one’s treasures are bunkered in inertia and fear.
With unrestricted love, incredible presence and the clarity of a sharp sword, Moti unwaveringly and lovingly promotes one’s own becoming and challenges it in a positive sense. One’s own projections are returned (… sigh!) and one is persistently invited to enter a larger space where narrow and seemingly safe structures of feeling and thinking can stretch and soften.
It makes no difference which of Moti’s seminars is attended. Because even if the focus is different – the essence is the same.
I have learned that I am allowed to be who I am. And even though it’s not always easy for me to feel secure in that, I now know deep down that it is. And that changes me.
It is like that with many things. The great joy of being body – with all its facets. That I can show my weaknesses and fears and experience acceptance. That I don’t always have to do something special. That it is beautiful and makes you happy to be part of a community. That life is finite and takes place in the here and now. And that it is my choice to live it and no one will and must give me permission to do so.
Likewise, I have experienced that being and experiencing presence brings about healing.
This is something big …!
Like the experience that my (our) real essence is love … – and I am connected with everything. Even though I keep forgetting this, it remains in me and changes me from the inside out on many different levels. And gives me deep moments of happiness.

If I hadn’t met Moti, my life probably would have been kind of okay. But I don’t think I would have lived it.


Dakini-Tantra Follow Up

Dauer 9 Tage
Beginn 09.08.2024
Ende 18.08.2024

Retreat Center Italien in Piemont, Italien


990,- Euro p.P. zzgl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung sowie anteilige Gruppenraummiete.



Dakini-Tantra Jahrestraining und regelmäßige Seminarteilnahmen innerhalb der letzten 5 Jahre.

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Dakini Tantra Follow Up

The connection of the three main chakras (pelvis-heart-mind) has been lost during our early physical and energetic development, the separation has become normality.

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