Online practice day and practice weekend

A day or a weekend to get to know each other or to deepen your knowledge.

Everyone carries a light within them. We often hide it to avoid getting into uncomfortable situations.

Meeting each other online is no less touching from the heart than meeting in a face-to-face seminar – if we let ourselves. A loving connection to oneself and fine encounters with other people develop. The path to wakefulness is not serious and laborious. Together we practice in the form of teachings, sharings, transformational practice and guided meditations from Zapchen Somatics according to Lama Dr. Julie Henderson, Menlha Touch®, Divine Healing, coaching and creating support for your current life issues. The online seminar is an invitation to be silly, naughty and crazy together, while at the same time going into stillness and resting in the heart of being. Everything may be, not must be.

I work very spontaneously and bring my experience from over 34 years of working with people to seminars and coaching sessions. As part of my teaching, I am above all open to the here and now. For you, this means that you can verbally contribute with what fulfills or occupies you at the moment. However, you can also participate in silence. Individual coaching sessions are of course limited in time in a group seminar, but the coming together of a group brings its own unique qualities. It is not always just talking about one’s own feelings that touch us humans profoundly. Sharing emotions, listening, and realizing that many of us are going – or have already gone – through similar processes as ourselves is not only an educational but also a healing experience. If you still feel the need for a one-on-one session, you are of course welcome to contact me for a one-on-one appointment on Zoom or by phone.

The online seminars all have their own unique focus. Last time, one of the things we talked about was making your vision shine.

The theme on 14.01.2023

This time we will focus on Zapchen Somatics and Menlha Touch®. Through this we create a morning that brings vitality back into our lives. Through Zapchen Somatics and Menlha Touch® exercises, as well as a guided meditation, we come more into feeling and sensing.

I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again!


Termin ist in Planung!

Presence Seminars & Retreats

Inner child

Relationship key
Relationship skills and conflict management

Learning to die, living love

One question is enough: If I had to die today, have I loved enough in this life? Dealing with death and dying brings the essential into one’s own life.

Zapchen Somatics Retreat

Zapchen Somatics was created by combining elements of Western psycho- and body-therapy methods and neurobiological knowledge with methods from Tibetan Buddhism.

At heart
of being

There’s no end to the list. And yet we tell ourselves, “When I get this done, then!” We don’t give ourselves breaks. But our bodies need breaks. And our soul even more so.

Dakini Tantra Follow Up

The connection of the three main chakras (pelvis-heart-mind) has been lost during our early physical and energetic development, the separation has become normality.

La Essenza – Retreat

The La Essenz Retreat is a deep practice week with presence training and a sinking into the space between thoughts. By arriving in the here and now, how can I recognize what identifications and concepts about myself and my environment are preventing me from being free? It’s time to wake up.

Online seminars

Click & Meet

With Click & Meet – In the Heart of Being we create a format that enables being and practicing together free of local limitations.

Online practice day

Meeting each other online is no less touching from the heart than meeting in a face-to-face seminar – if we let ourselves.