The Awakening of the Inner Beloved

Open tap Somatics
and Dakini Tantra Seminar

Tantra is often misunderstood in the West. The attention is too much on the outside, depending on a partner or learning “better, new sex practices.” This seminar week can offer a new perspective and experience of recognizing stuck habits (how do I live sexuality) and their patterns, inviting new possibilities and experiencing tantric pulsation. The freer we are in the body from contraction and tension, the more energy we can let pulsate and the deeper we can also experience the “RaumSein”. Tantra teaches that each of us carries both poles of energy-the active and the passive, the penetrating and the enveloping.

Millions and millions of times lower,
Millions and millions of times higher is Mahamudra.
It’s a total orgasm with the whole thing,
With the universe.
It is melting into the source of being.

Tilopa, Song of Mahamudra, as quoted in Only One Sky by Bagwan Shree Rajneesh

In these seven days we practice the handling of energy and its distribution in our own body. How can I maintain a high energy charge in a relaxed organism without contraction. How can energy build-up be experienced independently of another person. Consciously building charge can be or become an orgasmic experience. This is the meaning of the Inner Beloved (exercises are practiced alone or with a partner).

Celebrating your own energy is a way into a freedom that makes you independent and at the same time creates connectedness to everything. To oneself, to life, to all-encompassing love for the benefit of all beings and the planet. We are ecstatic beings and sometimes we more or less forget that. It is my pleasure to support you in being in love with the universe.


Die Erweckung des Inneren Geliebten

Dauer 1 Woche
Beginn 13.11.2025
Ende 20.11.2025

Seminarhaus Haus Ebersberg bei Kassel, Deutschland


890,- Euro p.P. zzgl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung

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