Training for
Menlha Touch® practitioners and teachers

There are many trainings in the world. To be trained in it, to train one’s compassion, love and clear attention, however, is not. What we have certainly lacked in school and university is training in alert presence, serene presence, and compassion for all beings.

Training in Menlha Touch®

and accompanying training in Zapchen Somatics

It is aimed at alternative practitioners, doctors, psychologists, body and psychotherapists, healers, i.e. all people working in therapeutic, healing, social and counseling professions. The training is also open to those who see this path as a profession(ung) for themselves and would like to start now. In addition, the cycles are open to all who have already participated, want to stay with it and go deeper.

The training lasts 8 weekends in the time frame of 18 months.

What is Menlha Touch?

Men: Medicine, Lha: Spirit, divineMenlha (Medicine Buddha), Touch: (touch)
Menlha Touch® touches from the space of one’s essence. Presence can touch presence, with the quality of awake consciousness. Old traumas, held in love, can dissolve.

Many people are used to being touched only sexually and/or carelessly. Touch without intention and experienced from the heart creates the possibility to dissolve negative experiences in the body tissues as well as to absorb new information into the cells. This leads to self-regulation, creating more contact with one’s inner flow. Touching patterns, with or without hands, on the physical, psychological and energetic levels is practiced.
The training is embedded in a Zapchen Somatics training.

Dr. Julie Henderson, the founder of Zapchen Somatics, asked me to teach my special kind of touch, and Menlha Touch® was born.

Zapchen Somatics as part of Menlha Touch®Training

Menlha Touch® as a practice and path to the
awake consciousness

Here’s what a longtime student of Moti’s says:

A profound work of growth

… not to give the wrong impression, for me Moti’s seminars are not feel-good and cuddly seminars, although both are part of it. I experience it as profound growth work that always throws me back to myself and illuminates those spaces I usually don’t like to look into. I mean not only the dark and unswept rooms but also those where one’s treasures are bunkered in inertia and fear.

Love, presence and clarity

With unrestricted love, incredible presence and the clarity of a sharp sword, Moti unwaveringly and lovingly promotes one’s own becoming and challenges it in a positive sense. One’s own projections are returned (… sigh!) and one is persistently invited to enter a larger space where narrow and seemingly safe structures of feeling and thinking can stretch and soften.
It makes no difference which of Moti’s seminars is attended. Because even if the focus is different – the essence is the same.

I have learned that I am allowed to be who I am.

And even though it’s not always easy for me to feel secure in that, I now know deep down that it is. And that changes me.
It is like that with many things. The great joy of being body – with all its facets. That I can show my weaknesses and fears and experience acceptance. That I don’t always have to do something special. That it is beautiful and makes you happy to be part of a community. That life is finite and takes place in the here and now. And that it is my choice to live it and no one will and must give me permission to do so.

My real essence is love

Likewise, I have experienced that being and experiencing presence brings about healing. This is something big …!
Like the experience that my (our) real essence is love and I am connected to everything. Even though I keep forgetting this, it remains in me and changes me from the inside out on many different levels. And gives me deep moments of happiness. If I hadn’t met Moti, my life probably would have been kind of okay. But I don’t think I would have lived it.

Participation Requirements:

  • the openness that more is possible than you think
  • the desire to work in such a way that captures the essence of the client and not only the personality
  • the courage to engage in a new form of learning and contact with a client
  • Recognize your boundaries when working with a person and expand them or clearly protect them
  • Self-awareness in body-oriented seminars
  • Your interest in integrating another perspective into your already existing method
  • a conversation with Moti Theresia König
  • Participation in a seminar with Moti Theresia König
  • A letter of motivation

Why is this training so valuable?

The training can support you in this:

  • Bringing new approaches to entrenched professional habits.
  • Finding resources for your own strength in work when you are tired, exhausted and prone to burnout.
  • To live your calling and earn a living doing work that your heart burns for.
  • feel good, even though the circumstances tend to cause stress.
  • Allowing healing to happen, continually, free of concept and goal.
  • To stop wasting time and energy in old stories.
  • understand the interaction of body and consciousness.
  • To restore centeredness and pulsation, to support oneself and others in it.
  • To let the body learn directly from the extended presence of the wisdom beings and change its habits.
  • To practice relaxed mind and awareness in space and time, in simultaneity with everything that happens.
  • take a risk, try something new and thus bring fresh energy into your life and profession.
  • that old traumas can be healed, the best prerequisite for health,happy relationships and professional success.
  • discover hidden skills and put them into practice.
  • to learn to work holistically (in school and in many vocational trainings we learned only with the mind).

The 8 weekends are both self-awareness and training in spiritual and somatic individual work. This training offers an alternative to a less than satisfying career or can give you a second leg up professionally.

You get my wealth of experience and knowledge from over 34 years of intensive work with people and ongoing work on myself. I have had some of the best training with the direct
Meister:innen and I am happy to pass on parts of this content to you.

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate as a Menlha Touch® practitioner. The certificate is valid for one calendar year and is extended for another calendar year if a Menlha Touch advanced seminar is attended during the current year of validity.

The training places are limited. I look forward to seeing you.
More information is available in the office.

Participant comments

Menlha Touch is touch, with or without direct contact, held by love, presence and non-intentionality. This special touch quality dissolves old structures, blockages and pain. It connects with the very own flow of life, in which liveliness, happiness, joy, contentment, silence exist in alternation in simultaneity and always in togetherness.

All dates at a glance

1st WE: 14-16 July 2023

2nd WE: 01-03 September 2023

3rd WE: 27-29 October 2023

4th WE: 26-28 January 2024

WE 5: 22-24 March 2024

6th WE: 19-21 April 2024

7th WE: 07-09 June 2024

WE 8: 26-28 July 2024


Menlha Touch® Ausbildung

Dauer 17 Monate (8 Wochenenden)
Beginn 27.09.2024
Ende 29.03.2026

Alle Termine finden am Lago d’Orta statt.


3.600,- € als Komplettzahlung, zzgl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung
12 x 320,- € als Ratenzahlung, zzgl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung