Overview of all
Individual sessions

via Zoom, telephone and WhatsApp

Everyday life has many challenges, but we don’t have to face them all alone. Sometimes an objective view from the outside can sharpen the eye for the essentials. I want to support you in facing these challenges and learning from them on the path to wakefulness.

Life Presence Coaching

In Life Coaching you can bring everything that makes you you into relationship and experience support or new impulses. These can be current life issues, but also the relationship with yourself or with other people, which may be out of balance. Maybe you need someone from outside to support you in finding your – really your – true way to express yourself with your qualities in life. Some people are more likely to live up to the expectations of their family or social environment. Often this is unconscious and well hidden.

We share presence in the here and now. The journey always goes within. I can support you very well in exploring your inner space and recognizing where old ego patterns are pulling you outward or sabotaging yourself and how liberating it can be to drop below all the concepts and experience the space of stillness in your own being. This is always helpful on the path of becoming awake.

Energy transmission

I take you into a space of safety, security and being held, despite spatial distance. Because the beneficial effect of the truthful presence in the encounter is not local. This allows your body and mind to open up to self-regulation and healing.