La Essenza – Dakini Retreat

Awakening from the dream.
Back to the source.

Embracing life and being in openness with everything that happens – moment to moment – dissolves the “little me” and opens the space of awake presence.

The silence of ecstasy is pure fullness.

The authentic being.

The nurturing, creative and productive togetherness of people is strongly based on the authentic being of the individual. Many people have chosen, for whatever reason, to hide their authentic being. And at some point it has been forgotten. Later, not even the memory is enough to bring it back to life. Then even the knowledge of the value of authentic being fades. Yet it is always present, slumbering within us, ready to be recognized. It’s not that difficult if we are willing to notice that we are not what the “little me” keeps trying to tell us.

Silence and body exercises support you to celebrate your true self again. Silence in ecstasy, ecstasy in silence.

Space and expansion are held and supported through daily spiritual practice, body and energy exercises, nature experience and times of silence. The stillness of being is independent of external turbulence. You may be aware of them, but the turbulence no longer has a grip on you and controls your well-being.

Dwell in the space of knowledge.

I fondly remember the times with Osho in India when he would talk for hours every day on a wide variety of topics, saying over and over, “What I say is not important. I want you to just sit still and dwell in the space between the words and sentences.” So he invited us into the space of realizing that we are not form but being. Since he was speaking from the space of being, that was a great grace and such a precious gift to be able to bathe in it.

Part of the retreat is also being with each other in good company, with other retreatants who are brave and open to the journey within while staying in relationship with what is outside. The encounter with other people and changing situations are always a good mirror to perceive where we stand with ourselves. In self-love, compassion, and forgiveness, or in condoning and judging those who may not be the way we want them to be.


La Essenza - Retreat

Dauer 1 Woche
Beginn 24.05.2024
Ende 31.05.2024

Retreat Center Italien in Piemont, Italien


795,- Euro p.P. zzgl Unterkunft und Verpflegung sowie gegebenenfalls anteilige Gruppenraummiete.


Max. 12 Teilnehmer:innen

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