Dealing with death and dying brings the essential into one’s own life. Our idea of time as a long life is an illusion, a trick of the ego and statistics. Therefore, we should always ask ourselves the question: If I had to die today, have I really lived and loved in this life?

In the seminar “Learning to die – living love”(to be found here) we question all the concepts we have built up over decades. Who I am, how does life have to work, how should other people be, what opinions do I have and what does life or death mean. All of this may be questioned and possibly resolved. In this way we can let go of opinions and dissolve ego structures. Noticing that underneath all these concepts lies something else, and that the quality of being is free from the concepts of life or death, opens us up to a life of freedom.

The seminar will take place from November 21-26. You want to be there? Learn more here.