Next Saturday we will meet to practice playful exercises from Zapchen Somatics and Menlha Touch®. These will strengthen your presence in a light but effective way. 🙏

Often we think we are present in our body, but too often we live only in our head. Being present in your body is not only the best protection to cope with your everyday life, but also the best positive demarcation. If we are not present in our body or if we have shifted our presence into our head, then we are more vulnerable and lack energy. Often we feel empty and thus become suitable attack surfaces for toxic energy fields. Quickly everything becomes too much. The feeling of emptiness, helplessness and powerlessness emerges. 😶

Besides the exercises we will practice, I will also guide spontaneous meditations. These support you in coming into deeper contact with your own being, resting in it and experiencing the actual home there. 💗