Are you ready to take a new path? There are times in life when we sense that something is out of sync. We feel dissatisfied, unhappy or even unhealthy. This can be due to old wounds and blocked energies that affect our well-being. When we decide to take a new path and dissolve old patterns, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities. We begin to know ourselves better and understand what deep down subconsciously prevents us from being truly happy and fulfilled, or even joyful, and how we can support others on their path to this.

The Menlha Touch® Practitioner and Teacher Training(found here) offers you an opportunity to learn how to support yourself and others on their path. She trains you to train your compassion, your love and your clear presence in the here&now. Embedded in a Zapchen Somatics training, we learn to dissolve negative experiences in the body’s tissues as well as help cells absorb new information with intention-free touch that springs from the heart. This leads to self-regulation, creating more contact with one’s inner flow.

So, are you ready to start a new adventure with yourself and others, or if you already are, to go deeper? If so, let’s begin this journey together to explore and rediscover a deeper level in your true being.