When we get off the hamster wheel we feel who we really are.

Corona threw many of us out of our usual rhythms, shaking our comfort zones, in some ways perhaps uncomfortable and difficult. Perhaps it was also a great challenge to review one’s own habits. When things are going well there is also the danger of falling into an automatism of functioning well and feeling secure. The present time also shows: nothing is certain. Only uncertainty is certain. The transition of the year and also the corona crisis offer us the opportunity to pause and feel into what is really important and essential. Do I want to continue living “afterwards” in the same way as before? Is there an “after” or is there simply always the “now”? Is there one thing or another that actually wants to be said goodbye to and let go of? Or what have I always wanted to live and implement and have postponed it to the future, “sometime then”? The Corona measures offer us the chance to look inward, to pause, to become quieter, to rethink the old and allow space for the new to emerge.