Over many years, we have all learned to literally always save face by keeping our bodies rigid and tense. This drains our liveliness, vital energy and our spontaneity, which especially small children often still live out naturally. The older we get, however, the more we make ourselves small and restrict our movements. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. ?

With simple exercises we can feel more aliveness, spontaneity and authenticity again. It helps to start with just the face and bring back the innate liveliness there. If you dare, try looking silly and stupid for five minutes. Make faces, stick out your tongue, snort like a horse and hiss like a cat. Do exactly what we would normally call “abnormal”. Dare to make the movements that come from within you when you turn off your head and ignore the phrase “you don’t do that.” This is how you manage to get more relaxation back into your face, which can then flow into the whole body! ?