We should go through the world more often with the innocent, curious and non-judgmental eyes of a child! ?

Far too quickly, as adults, we lose our enthusiasm for life and overlook the little things in everyday life. Yet there are wonderful details every day that can sweeten our everyday lives – we just have to look closely, like little children who discover the world anew every day. But with a simple exercise, we too can create more joy for ourselves by rediscovering our children’s eyes. So small details of our everyday life can create wow moments again. ? These details can be cloud formations, a small flower that has worked its way through the asphalt of the city with effort and time, or a dog’s eye looking at you with anticipation and devotion. These moments give us an opening of the heart and allow us to glimpse again the many little things in life that we always run past in our hustle and bustle. ?‍♂️