Through the meditations and exercises taught in my seminars, we sink deeper into our hearts and learn to rest in them again. Resting in the heart of being is not as easy as it reads. Through our history, we have mostly unlearned this and live more in our heads and in our thoughts. But we are not our thoughts. Coming back into the body and living from the heart, being the heart, is sometimes a long healing journey.

If we rest in our hearts, we are also at peace. At the same time awake and clear, we can give our own energy field into the big picture. We can create a new earth that is about connection, love and compassion, instead of exploitation, war and abuse. I have always seen in my work a contribution to a conscious, mindful and peaceful world. To develop a compassionate understanding of all beings: animals, plants and people. Many of my long-time participants who bring the practice with them from the seminars to the “marketplace” are a blessing to the greater whole and contribute their part to a more healing world.

In the heart of being we experience presence, silence and emptiness. A state of awakeness, which experiences itself in the simultaneity of “being-body, being-conscious, being-space”.