Running on the hamster wheel is increasingly perceived as “normal” and many people find it really hard to leave larger gaps in their schedule. When we race, race and one appointment follows the other, be it professional or private, we lose energy, burn ourselves out and end up in burnout or/and depression. ?

Here are three tips to slow down your life:

? Say no:
Sounds simple, but it’s not. Are you asked for a favor for the umpteenth time to which you always say yes, although you are squirming inside and your body is clearly signaling that it is too much for you. Say “no” and stay true to YOU. You will not be hated immediately because of it.

? Taking time off / going on a personal retreat:
We live in a permanent state of accessibility. Take times to get out of your everyday situation, that’s often where the automatic hamster wheel is. Give yourself digital time off. A walk in the woods, a day in the mountains, or pre-planned retreat times that are just yours.

? Zapchen Somatics Exercises:
The following exercise you can do everyday and in a short time: let yourself pause often. 2-3 minutes of closing your eyes, being aware of your breath and simply wishing yourself well, with or without a hand on your heart.