Many people think their sensuality, their feelings and their needs. Unfortunately, sensing has been lost. In the last two years in particular, many people have become almost frozen by fear and scaremongering. Frozen on the couch in front of the many series on offer, or deafened by the inability to still feel oneself as a sensual human being.

In order to feel, we need more relationship and contact with our body again. When we are in the body, we can feel and sense as a body. It has become so normal that the world takes place in our heads. The body is only an extension of our thoughts and must function. So how can we reinvigorate our natural capacity for all-encompassing perception? One of the probably many possibilities we find in Zapchen Somatics exercises. These support you in dissolving and melting away old adhesions and old protective patterns – which we have built up at some point as protection. Trauma releases through loving, mindful and respectful contact. At that time, protection and retreat into ourselves was certainly important because we needed to protect ourselves from some negative environmental energies. Today it is to check whether it has not simply become a habit. With the simple but very effective exercises of Zapchen and Menlha Touch® our body becomes freer and more permeable again. He can open himself for the very own pulsation, which also releases our self-healing powers. We become more alive, more sensual and bounce more happily through the world. Despite all the circumstances that want to make us believe otherwise. We are allowed to live and enjoy our own power, our inner happiness, our lightness. It is what life has given us. So live it and give it back to life.

Thank you for reading this. I feel you and your wonderful power. Go for it. Do not save yourself!