‼️ REMEMBER ‼️ Let’s bring our collective healing heart power together to create a contribution for a more peaceful world! ?

From March 8 to May 3, 2022, I will open a circle for a common meditation where we will meet every Tuesday from 19:00-19:30. Without a digital network, each of us can participate in this circle and still be by ourselves. Even if we don’t see each other, we can raise awareness and connect with each other to bring more peaceful energy into the world. Together we are many, together we are effective. We are part of the great collective energy field. Every single conflict and discord in our own hearts contributes to the collective disharmony. Yet our own conflicts may seem small compared to, say, the terrible war in Ukraine or the current catastrophic floods in Australia. Nonetheless, we can begin by looking into our own hearts to raise our consciousness. A shared moment of practice in the face of the current crises is significant to alleviate suffering. This beautiful world should be embedded in love and humanity, not tyranny and blood. Let’s dissolve isolation and separation together, for the benefit of all people and our planet. Meditation is a form of activism. ?

? For the benefit of all beings
If you feel addressed by this call and would like to join, then I am happy about it. In order for me to include you in my mental-virtual meditation space, please email me your participation with name, location and country: info@theresia-koenig.eu. We practice with good intention for more love, compassion, forgiveness, healing and peace in the world. Let’s hold in our hearts all people affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, may there be peace and healing on all levels, may there be love and mutual support, blessings to all. ?