Please give yourselves joy, laughter, happiness! ?

For some people, it becomes normal not to do that anymore. Solidarity does not mean dying or playing dead. For more than two years, media coverage of the Corona virus has been incessantly pelting us. Since February, we have been following the events in Ukraine on a daily basis. Again and again, issues come up, and this will continue in the future, that scare us and make us feel insecure. At the same time, the stories are always highly complex and usually difficult to penetrate. Often, however, we have the choice of giving ourselves fully to these stories and losing ourselves in them, or staying with ourselves without losing compassion.

Staying with ourselves means living, loving and laughing – even in the face of seemingly threatening dangers. In this way, however, we manage to counter fear with an uplifting energy that does us good and nourishes us. You too can join in. Take all human and animal beings of the planet with you into the uplifting energy. We are citizens of the earth. Let’s stop the division that started in us. ??

? The photo was taken a few years ago when I was in Nepal with my group.