Life has given you a special individual quality!

It is part of our protective mechanisms not to let ourselves become bigger and more original. “Keep it small”. This is also served by the suppression of our sexual energy, which also means pure joy of life, creativity and spontaneity. Sexual energy also lives out in our vocation. How do we live our potential and how do we put our qualities into life? Do we work only to survive, or do we also express in our jobs what brings us joy?

It takes courage to do what your heart burns for. It’s tempting to get stuck in the thrift of perceived certainties. On our physical energetic level, we have a lot of joy and power hidden in the pelvis and legs. Dance them, make them come alive. May your pelvis fill with strength and joy and thus with serenity be a support for your heart, so that it has to strain less. The heart simply wants to love.

May your special being flow with ease into action and thus into your life, for the benefit of all beings.