Many of us, unlike other people, live in abundance and plenty of external things. Everything is available or is supplied. Sometimes it is a gain to rather look at what we could take less of. Be it internet consumption, smartphone, toys for children, food and drink or ordering something new again – the list could be continued for a long time. ?

Less is more, we often hear, and that’s not such a bad thing. Being without digital devices or TV for a while may bring boredom at first. Long boredom. Linger. It has been studied and proven that boredom (especially in children) promotes creativity, which is activated by it. If we always “fill up” or “overfill” ourselves with the flood of information that everyday life brings us nowadays, it brings us even more into our heads and away from our bodies. Being less in the body also means feeling, sensing and perceiving less as well as feeling our own needs less. We can no longer distinguish what is good for us and what is not. ?

Also lost is the value of the little things, the beautiful sensual gifts that life gives us. Watching a sunrise or sunset, breathing with the full moon, feeling the weather with the skin, wind, sun, rain. Breathing consciously, admiring a pine cone in nature, feeling the footsteps walking on the leaves, lighting a fire and feeling the warmth it gives. Watching the first snowfall from the child’s eyes and marveling. To renounce even more consumption, perhaps to revive the old blouse, to feel that even more clothes in the closet do not make happy and to enjoy again more the simple life. ?