Interview with Moti Theresia König

Interview with Moti Theresia König in Lichtnetz Magazine 1/1999

What is Tantra?

Well, Buddho, who is going to answer that?! Tantra is so much! But, to put it briefly: Tantra is a connection and fusion of sex, heart and spirit that every person can achieve.

In the context of Tantra, we always speak of the transformation of sexual energy into finer types of energy. This is not to say that sexual energy is ‘unrefined’ or worth less. On the contrary, sexual energy is the driving force of the universe, is the force that begets new life. And if you ask, what is Tantra, then I must add: Tantra is a way where we say: Sexual energy is our fire and we want to use it to maybe awaken someday.

But of course it would be absurd to think, “Great, if that’s the case, I’ll ‘live out my sexual energy’ while waiting for the awakening.”

But then that has little to do with Tantra. The literal sense of tantra is, after all, ‘expansion’ and ‘interweaving’. However, in order to be able to distribute our sexual energy throughout the body, to be able to use it magically, to realize visions and to experience the state of bliss, one should first get to know one’s own body very well. In Tantra, our body is the temple of our consciousness. Body and consciousness are not separated in Tantra. So in our seminars and trainings we say: First we look at how we can give the body temple more freedom, more space for expression, how it can enjoy its joy of life again, how it can get healing and above all how it can relax in the moment. Oh yes, you could also say: Tantra is serene relaxation in a state of highest excitement. On this subject, my partner Arish could say a lot. In his opinion, one could say: Tantra is to totally enjoy life without becoming greedy.

How did you come to Tantra and how were you trained?

It started with quite a nice first contact. I lived with a man who had women over all the time. He then dragged red cloths to his room and plates of fruit. The atmosphere was full of love and mystery and magic. This man recommended Tantra to me. I then had tantric experiences, with men who had time, also time for tenderness, they were powerful and at the same time gentle, always aware, silent in sex and never sticky lovers.

And then I knew: there is something to Tantra. It was about 15 years ago when I first went to a Tantra group, and I still remember the feeling I had then: “It’s like coming home.”

It is nonsense to list all the training courses now. Important – and I would like to thank all of them – are my teachers. This includes Osho, of course, then Margo Anand. I have learned many Tibetan perspectives through five years of training with Dr. Julie Henderson. And I got to know the point of view of those who are still very close to the universal ecstasy, the point of view of children. I have two of them: Milan and Ramon.

However, I must also say: techniques can be learned, being a Tantra teacher cannot. That’s where personal intuition, truthfulness and depth count.

What are your motivations for doing this work with people?

This work is my contribution on the way to world peace. So, when I come close to peace within, the outer system will also change accordingly.

I believe that if all the high politicians had had a tantric experience just once, we would have no more wars and world politics would be very different. Tantra is absolutely positive, is absolutely for life in all its facets, even the dark ones. But Tantra also means to honor and respect every living being. To be inspired by Tantra is to approach love. This work gives me enormous fun and great pleasure because I can pass on experience. After all, I was not born as Tantrika. I had many traumatic experiences in my childhood and youth. And – I was able to heal them, thanks to Tantra and the people who accompanied me professionally, just as I have been accompanying others for ten years now.

In the esoteric scene, tantra is still associated with something naughty. Is Tantra really necessary for spiritual development?

First, the second question. No, of course Tantra is not ‘necessary’! Just like a gemstone, therapy or religion are not necessary for the spiritual development of a person. But Tantra is a great tool to get to the jewel inside you, to your pearl. You ask, “Why?” Simply because every human being is already ‘Buddha’ and carries everything he needs within himself. It doesn’t matter whether we say ‘Buddha’ or ‘God’. The important thing here is the idea that we already have everything inside us. Only the access is perhaps a little buried. And in Tantra we open the access again. And even with fun, joy and laughter.

And to your introductory remark: It’s a pity that there are people who think like that. But prejudice and resentment have always existed against Tantra. One reason is certainly that personal freedom is particularly important in Tantra, another is of course that there are prejudices against ‘sexual energy’. Developing this energy does not lead to orgies in Tantra. It is a shame when providers of Tantra groups focus only on sex. I am glad that there are as many seminar providers who know through their experience: Tantra is more than sex. Tantra begins far before that and goes far beyond.

What are your goals in tantric work?

Being a tantra teacher and setting a goal are actually mutually exclusive, because tantra knows no goals. It’s important to me to “Walk your Talk!” I demand of myself to live the things I teach. Another important aspect is that things I teach in my seminars should serve the good of all.

In the workshops and trainings I try to create as much space as possible to experience and live the truthfulness of the moment. Then, very importantly, how can I be in love, freedom and relaxation, and yet without a goal?! See, there it is again, the ‘non-target’! I also believe that as we move into the next millennium, tantra will become increasingly important. This is because Tantra supports people in dissolving separations, experiencing the union of all aspects of being, and letting go of evaluations.

What kind of work do you offer?

The more we talk about it, the more Tantra eludes our grasp. The closer you get with questions and answers, the blurrier the picture becomes. But when you experience it, Tantra is totally present.

I and my partner Arish offer Tantra seminars nationwide. For beginners, the Tantra evening trainings, with seven evenings, and the introductory weekends are suitable. Then we offer special seminars for women and men. Something very special are of course our Tantra festivals at Easter and New Year’s Eve, then an extensive training with a total of 49 seminar days and the seminar for couples “The Pearl of Love”.