How can we be more human in a traumatized world?

Due to our childhood history and negative experiences, many people are numbed, desensitized and have a hard time feeling compassion and going through life with sensitivity to our environment. Personal and collective trauma can quickly cause us to disconnect from our humanity and barely feel the pain of the world as well as our own. Whether it’s horrific images of wars, the inhumane treatment of animals, or the dying of the earth due to climate change, we are hardly ever truly shaken. It makes us feel cold and numb if we don’t do something about it.
If we want to truly feel again, as well as feel compassion, pulsation, ecstasy, living energy and pure love, then we have to work on ourselves. We must begin within ourselves to resolve old traumas and blockages. We have to clean up within ourselves in order to become an open organism again, which can also look into the world and perceive things. This is how we get back our natural, human strength, liveliness, wildness and the instinct that lies dormant within us. When we become again what we actually are – namely powerful and compassionate beings – then we can also be more human again. When we are more human, we allow less suffering.