People deal with unpleasant situations in very different ways – some find it easier, some more difficult…

Life offers not only joy, happiness and paradisiacal states. I have made the experience that the practice of Dakini Somatics can greatly help to better “(endure)” unkind and unpleasant sensations and to activate one’s own strength and serenity – and that already with the basic exercises. The question is, how much resilience does a person have to be able to cope well with stress, pressure and frightening news in private or in the worldly sphere? How can I strengthen my abilities to feel reasonably well after all, even when the world is in chaos. For some people, everything is quickly just too much or there is no more room at all for the challenges that come from outside. Sometimes challenges are simply the change par excellence. Things change. Life changes. The world changes. Can I deal with it calmly and give myself into the so-called “flow” or do I rigidly resist the changes in life in order to (seemingly) keep control and lull myself into a sense of security. A security that is deceptive, nothing more. ?

The exercises and the practice in my personal life have supported me very much in being open to life, in not only looking at change and the unexpected (especially the unpleasant surprises) as a spectre, but also in feeling whether there might not be a gift packed in it. I do not claim that it is always easy, but in any case exciting. Everything is change, every moment is new. It always takes new courage to jump out of one’s comfort zone and open up to new possibilities. ?

Provide yourself with self-love, forgiveness and compassion when things don’t go your way and give yourself credit for your courage when you’ve jumped again. ☺️