From November 21 to 28, the Inner Child Seminar will take place, where we will devote a week to relationship dynamics! ?
However, in order to dive into relationship dynamics, we must first access our old traumas and thus our childhood. It is always incredibly touching to accompany the process of these seven days. Seeing people heal old traumas, become more alive and the authentic self emerge. We made many unconscious choices in our childhood that keep our life energy on the back burner. We used it as protection, but at some point forgot that it belongs to the past. Now in relationship with ourselves and others, this evokes more separation than connection and love.

After we had to cancel the seminar in March, I am very much looking forward to the courageous participants and to the beautiful house Ebersberg near Bad Zwesten. If you have already been there, you are welcome to send your relatives and friends or, of course, to come back and deepen your knowledge! ☺️