Our life energy can get stuck in old grievances if we go through the world resentful and unresolved. ?

We often forget that it paralyzes and restricts our own life force if we do not look at old grievances, but encapsulate them, close them off and poison ourselves with them. We cannot forgive at the push of a button, but it is possible to bring more light into the old stories, to find clarification and thus also to find a true forgiveness coming from the heart. It opens more relationship to the own self and also to the other person. Stepping out of victimhood, bringing hurts into relationship and forgiving also gives us back our dignity and inner peace. When inner healing and forgiveness happens we contribute to more healing in the big energy field on the outside. ?

The best way to start is to forgive and forgive ourselves. We are masters at judging, condemning and putting ourselves down. It’s not always the people on the outside. Self-forgiveness leads us into self-love. ?