Fears always exist. How we deal with them is up to us.

Existential fears, not knowing how things will go on, what the future will bring, will there be a “after Corona” and what will remain then. To feel the nicbt, we like to go into any kind of compensation. Anything that suppresses or covers up the unpleasant feeling is good enough for that. Eating too much, drinking too much, smoking too much, keeping busy, thinking too much. All kinds of addictions serve to suppress a feeling we don’t like to feel because it is uncomfortable. What if we just stop and have the courage to feel the fear, to listen deeper? It goes back much deeper than just to the current crisis. There is a primal deep feeling in us, which we already bring into our lives: Bottomlessness or also the feeling of losing the ground under our feet.

The fear of death, having to give up control and not knowing, we are constantly trying to avoid. Instead, we want to have everything under control. When I am asked how to deal with my fears:

  • Embrace your fear
  • Smile at her
  • Feel them and recognize the deeper origin
  • Be gentle and tender with her
  • Be open to what emerges when you stop and dive deeper.

May peace and light flood your being.