Many of us have unfortunately lost the ability to go through life with calmness, playfulness and innocence, and to admire even the small things in life with the big eyes of a child. Often we just run around like an automaton, following habits and running through life. Spring, however, is always a miracle that invites astonished eyes and a “WOW”. The WOW falls into your heart like a feather, tenderly caressing you from within, like the innocent soul of a child. ?

Recovering and practicing the WOW is an exercise of Zapchen Somatics that we can live every day. Especially springtime after winter is a time that gives us the opportunity to rediscover the WOW. Go into nature, feel the reawakening life and really look at a bud in peace and quiet. Always be open to the newness that each moment brings. This goes to the heart and touches our inner child. May your heart rejoice in the colorful awakening nature and your awakening. ?