Many people think they can only show themselves when they are doing well, when they are in a good mood….

Some people are born with the idea that they always have to do everything themselves. That it is uncool to show weakness and even ask for help. Being able to show weakness is a strength. ☝️

Life offers many challenges that sometimes do not release dopamine. Moments that do not always lead to happy and joyful permanent feelings. Maybe you also feel emotionally in the pit of hell or simply not in your power at all. ?

Of course, there are many great exercises, starting with breathing and shaking and more. We really have the whole internet full of them. But sometimes it also does you good, for example, to ask someone to be lovingly present, in your presence or on the phone. To pour out your heart, to talk, to allow the pain, to cry, to express the discomfort and if possible, to let yourself be taken in the arm. Showing up with your pain is not the same as ending up in the valley of victims and whining, and rather becoming a suffering continuous loop. Feeling the pain, showing yourself with it and bringing yourself into relationship with what is, does the soul good and opens the space for healing. ?

Dare to ask for help! ?