Often we touch each other only in terms of sexual closeness and in lovemaking. Touch just like that, free of goal and intention, respectful and loving, just does good. Many people have never had this even as babies or children and have forgotten how beneficial it is. Some feel that the state of not being touched is normal. Especially in the current Corona era – with the rules of distance – this comes up far too short. If you live with a partner, family or community, touch each other, hug each other, give each other physical closeness as friendly attention. Hugs and touching help to strengthen the immune system and reduce stress, because happiness hormones (e.g. oxytocin) are released. If you live alone, touch yourself with your wonderful hands. Be kind with yourself and touch yourself as if you were your dearest friend. And: discover the inner touch! These are your benevolent thoughts about yourself: kind, appreciative and respectful. Let your self-love and self-care be like a tender feather caressing you from within. It caresses your inner heart space and then expands throughout your body.