I am grateful for the many people who have come to me in the seminars so far and continue to come. ?

They are courageous people who are ready to look inside themselves. Ready for change, ready to become greater. Each encounter has also given me the opportunity to learn. Every single person sitting in the circle sharing their heart mirrors at least one aspect of our human existence to everyone else. Don’t we all have similar longings, fears and insecurities? ?

We can learn so much from each other if we respect our differences. Not to adapt another person to one’s own expectations, but to see him/her in his/her specialness – when the heart shows itself – is always an enrichment for me. ?

This photo was taken in Hötzlberg, in a sweet little seminar house of Karin Juran, in Bavaria. She hosted us for many years. I wish you a good life. May you be blessed by all the healing powers of the universe. ?