The base of the neck is often tense.

When we put up with situations we don’t actually like, we often carry the loads in the deltoid and trapezius muscles. Often we carry burdens that do not belong to us anyway. From our families and ancestors.

Besides, we sit a lot at the computer or stare at the cell phone 😃. When we pump the muscles, we squeeze them like a lemon. They are cleaned of old slags and adhesions and thus become more permeable and supple again. The armpits are also opened. This opens the circuit from the heart to the arms and hands. It is like a self-massage. When the heart circle is open, feelings and the energy of the heart flow down to the hands and we touch from the heart what we touch.

Sit comfortably and upright on the chair or floor. The fingers are hooked in. Raise your hands above your head as far as they will go and you can breathe well. Pull – but really only gently – on your fingers. The elbows point to the side. The shoulders sink down. Stay for a few seconds and dissolve the position again. Let yourself trace and repeat the exercise a few times. Be gentle and relaxed at the nape of the neck and pay attention to the shoulders sinking down, not rising up.

Throw off the load. We have so much of it. The soil will absorb them, transform and create good flower fertilizer.

Good luck and relief! 🙏

Exercise according to Moti Theresia König – Zapchen Somatics Master Teacher
Source: Embodying well-being, Julie Henderson, AJZ Druck&Verlag (Translation: Inge Bergmann, Annamaria Ladik, Andrea Muche)