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👉 What is Click and Meet (C&M)?
C&M is a regular gathering where we go deeper into ourselves and strengthen our own well-being with guided meditations and sharings. As a group, we grow together anew through practicing exercises from Zapchen Somatics and Menlha Touch®️ each cycle. The practice strengthens your personal awakening path. In doing so, we include the world and all beings in a special way. This is how we create more peace and compassion! 🙏

👉 What awaits you?
Everyone can bring their own topics to the sessions, without us getting lost in stories. Showing ourselves with what is and at the same time getting the opportunity to rest deeper into our own being strengthens us. In this way, we no longer let the problems of everyday life exert power over our heart’s well-being. 😇

It is a very connecting, challenging and profound time, which has already proven itself four times over a period of three months so far. I look forward to the start of the new and fifth cycle on February 15, 2023! 🙌