Touch is so important for us. In the times of Corona, it hits many people hard in their isolation of not being touched and embraced by anyone.

We humans are social beings and not made to be isolated. Is this still life or are we vegetating? The need to touch and be touched is deeply anchored in us humans. In my Menlha Touch® training with the accompanying Zapchen Training and also in other seminars we learn again to train the perception ability we have in our hands, directly connected to our heart.

Loving touch lowers stress levels and thus stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. The sense of touch is the first sense to develop in the embryo. The skin is our largest sensory organ. When something hurts us, we almost automatically put our hands on it. Direct physical touch with a benevolent and loving motivation also touches our soul. It has been very important to me from the very beginning of my seminars to include this aspect in particular.

Now after so many years of working with my participants, I can say how incredibly profound and important it is not to forget touch, as it is now given by the Corona Measures. Lack of touch brings isolation and depression to many people. Experiencing mindful touch also gives us the feeling of being held, safe, secure and loved. This is more important than ever at this time.