We made many unconscious choices in our childhood that keep our life energy on the back burner. We have built up protection, but at some point we forgot that this protection belongs to the past. Now when we are in relationship with ourselves and others, the old protective mechanisms from childhood and adolescence create more emotional separation than connection and love. In doing so, we sabotage with our old patterns not only the love for ourselves, but also the happiness that we can experience through the devotion and connection in a relationship with other people. This happens unconsciously and without intention. However, if we look closely, we can see that this is not the real us. Then we can break these patterns.

The practice of Dakini-Somatics contains a precious treasure of gentle and very effective methods that lovingly touch the inner child and make healing possible. To do this, we go deep together into the childhood traumas that are so multi-faceted. It is always incredibly touching to accompany people and see how old traumas heal, more aliveness emerges and the authentic self emerges. Embarking on this path takes courage, but it is worth it and brings us back our freedom.